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Lord of the Flies

Our production of Lord of the Flies presents the classic story through a modern day, reflexive lense. Using three different post-dramatic spaces, the production combines the original text with modern day parallels involving the "parentless islands" that children find themselves in today. The "frame space" contextualizes the production in a frat party atmosphere where the participants begin to read the script as a part of a hazing ritual. The "island space" is where the actual play takes place. The "poetic wall" is a space that projects the modern day parallels of the "island space" activities, utilizing the connected but isolating idea of a computer desktop to manifest the concepts.

Carnegie Mellon University

Written by: William Golding

Adapted by: Nigel Williams

Director: Caden Manson

Scenic Designer: Caitlin Ayer

Media Designers: Kevin Ramser and

Dan Sakamoto

Lighting Designer: David Arterberry

Costume Designer: Julianne D'Errico

Dramaturg: Holly Dennis

Video Footage Credit: Buzz Miller

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