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Ghost Train

Ghost Train  is inspired by the 1931 Arnold Ridley play of the same name. It begins and ends with a foley sound effect of a train entering and exiting a station, that is notoriously difficult to execute. It takes 10 foley artists and a number of different instruments to successfully complete. In our version of Ghost Train, we adapted all of our personal favorite foley effects into a narrative that begins and ends with the famous train. 

Based on Arnold Ridley's Ghost Train

Written by: Almeda Beynon and Nicholas Erickson

Director/Conductor: Almeda Beynon

Sound Designer: Almeda Beynon

Foley Artists: Dan Miele, Emma Present, Nicholas Erickson, Ji Hong, Yiran Zhang, Mike Vultaggio, Thomas Ford, Adelaide Zhang, Bryn Scharenberg, Anthony Stultz, Frank Meyer

Performers: Cassandra Clark, Ryan Dumas

Lighting Designer: Keith A. Truax

Technical Directors: Frank Meyer and Anthony Stultz

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