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Oedipus Rex

Translated by: Alan Stanford

Sound Design/Composition by: Almeda Beynon

PICT Classic Theatre

"Almeda Beynon’s Sound Design underscores the tension and drama very effectively, subtlety appearing ghostlike as needed and disappearing just as subtlety. Her compositions serve to give the mind a pause and as a means to gather your thoughts as an audience member."

                                                                                  - Pittsburgh in the Round

"Almeda Beynon’s sound design enriches the supernatural

nature of the tale... Oedipus Rex is a feast for the ears."

                               - Pittsburgh City Paper

Director: Alan Stanford

Scenic Designer: Johnmichael Bohach

Lighting Designer: Antonio Colaruotolo

Costume Designer: Michael Montgomery

Title Photo by: Johnmichael Bohach

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